3 Reasons Why You Should Study In Singapore

So you finally decided to make the big jump to greener pastures overseas. You are hungry to begin learning as much as you can about what you love. You are eager to earn your stars and stripes in a world that values it. Now the question is: where do you go?

In a world that is as big as we think it to be, uprooting our lives to study abroad is nothing small. Each continent and city has its own perks, and something that somewhere else will not have. Being the conscientious student that you are, you already have a list of countries in mind. If Singapore is not already at the top of that list, here are three reasons why it should be.

1. It is home to a melting pot of cultures
For a country that may not seem to exist on the world map, the Garden City is home to almost five million people (and counting). More than half are natives of the country. While the national language is Malay, English is spoken predominantly besides Mandarin and Tamil. Singapore is also proud of its own unofficial language, Singlish, which is spoken fondly of and by the people here. The language is a heart-warming mishmash of various dialects and influences. The smattering mix of cultures also translates to the variety of food this country has. Be deliciously spoilt for choice for there is a wide range available for the most adventurous of appetites. Come and try it out for yourself lah!

2. Getting here, living here, and moving around is easy
Singapore is accessible in every way you can imagine. For instance, more than 100 international airlines fly to Changi Airport from about 60 countries worldwide. The airport is one of the many attractions that the country is proud of — and no wonder, for it has earned accolades for being the best airport in the world. Living here is nothing too difficult too. With accommodation to suit any budget, you have your pick of hotels, flats or hostels. Get around using a comprehensive and efficient transport system that covers most parts of the island. And there is also how safe the country is. Take a night off with your new schoolmates and go assured that the streets are generally safe here. Another thing to note is the weather. Locals will tell you with a resigned smile that it is summer all year round. True to its natural rainforest climate, temperatures range from 23 to about 33 degrees with an average humidity of 80% islandwide.

3. Receive a world-class education
Singapore’s government is committed to developing the country as an education hub. With roots in British culture, the education system has evolved over the years to adequately meet the needs of the economy and of individual talents. Both public and private schools in Singapore boast of a broad-based curriculum that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge in their relevant fields. Here at Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore, our school offers a learning environment characterised by the promotion of enterprise and links with the industry and professionals. Vocational outcomes and the employability of students are emphasised, as are creative and analytical approaches that encourage individual judgment and self-awareness. With a network of 34 colleges across the world, students come to us to study what they love and excel in it.

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