The Ideal College Laptop: Mac or PC?

As a student at Raffles, having a laptop is not absolutely necessary, but is highly recommended. Being able to take your projects with you everywhere is a life-saver indeed. Especially if you are a design student with huge files to render – the process can take up a lot of time. With a laptop, you can save time by rendering your files while you are on the go.

You could only use your home’s desktop while you are at home, and your school’s computers while you are having classes. But with a laptop, it can work while you eat, breathe, and sleep – anytime you want it to.

Having a laptop also allows you to have meetings with teammates almost anywhere else – in cafés, parks, or public libraries where you can be more freely inspired.

Large file sizes will not be a problem for our business or science and technology students, but having the mobility of a laptop is still an advantage.

Studying abroad at one of our colleges or universities?

Here are the perks of having a laptop:

1) Saves physical space in your room.

2) All your college work can be carried around with ease anywhere, anytime.

3) It is faster to take notes with a laptop than by hand.

4) Personal workspace – no one else touches your files unless you let them.

Have trouble deciding which laptop to get?

Here are the pros and cons of an Apple Mac and a PC.

The Ideal College Laptop: Mac or PC? study abroad

Macs have sleek exterior designs and have software interfaces that are designer-friendly.

Pros of a Mac

- Design interfaces make editing images and text easier

- Used in most design and publishing businesses
- Well-designed physical exterior

- Has compatible versions of software you need as a designer and business person

- Works great with other apple products – iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc

Cons of a Mac
- Pricier than a PC with the same performance

- Different shortcuts and user interface can take time to get used to

- Limited range of software available

The Ideal College Laptop: Mac or PC? study abroad

PCs are reliable and give you the most value for money.

Pros of a PC
- More affordable than a Mac

- Wide variety of brands to choose designs from

- Easy to customise hardware which makes upgrading easier

- Widest possible selection of software

- Easy-to-use interface

Cons of a PC
- Gets more viruses in comparison to a Mac

- Print colours do not match screen colours as well as a Mac

- Depending on the PC’s build, it can get outdated in a year


So which is the best?

It depends on your needs and your preferences. Do ask the sales assistant questions when you are at the store, about to get your laptop. And let the assistant know your needs too. They will be able to recommend the best stats for your usage and budget.

As a design student, you will probably need to research more. Computers capable of working quickly on large image and audio files are usually more expensive than lower-powered ones meant for regular office documents.

Just keep in mind that a laptop can last for an average of 3-5 years, so choose well. And your laptop will serve you for a long time.

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